tribunal tri‧bu‧nal [traɪˈbjuːnl] noun [countable]
HUMAN RESOURCES LAW a court that is given official authority to deal with a particular situation or problem:

• The case of your redundancy (= loss of your job ) will be heard by an independent tribunal.

• an Australian Broadcasting Tribunal report on television violence

• a brief to be read out at a tribunal hearing

adˌministrative triˈbunal
in Britain, a tribunal that deals with special government problems:

• Some administrative tribunals operate in the areas of National Insurance and rent assessment.

emˈployment triˌbunal also inˌdustrial triˈbunal old-fashioned HUMAN RESOURCES
in Britain, a tribunal where employees can bring complaints about their employers:

• An industrial tribunal dismissed Mr Gilbert's claim of unfair dismissal.

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tribunal UK US /traɪˈbjuːnəl/ noun [C] LAW
a special court or group of people who are officially chosen to examine problems of a particular type: »

a tribunal case/claim/hearing


an appeal/an arbitration/a disciplinary tribunal

take sb/sth to a tribunal »

She took her employer to an industrial tribunal for wrongful dismissal.

See also ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL(Cf. ↑administrative tribunal), EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL(Cf. ↑employment tribunal), INDUSTRIAL TRIBUNAL(Cf. ↑industrial tribunal)

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